Welcome to Nyawa Funding Group, or NFG.

Nyawa (pronounced “nee-ya-wa”) Funding Group (“NFG”) is a not-for-profit non-government organization (“NGO”) founded in 2008 that works primarily in the Nyawa region of Sierra Leone to meet the health and educational needs of the people in the region. NFG is proud to work with local and international organizations to raise the standard of living in Sierra Leone.

We want to provide a foundation that will allow Sierra Leoneans to flourish and grow. Books. Pencils. Paper. Supplies for clinics and the promotion of healthy living. Things that can have a profound effect on lives in Sierra Leone.

This is our goal. This is who we are. And we would love nothing more than for you to join us in our effort. We appreciate your stopping by our site for a visit. We hope you’ll stay a while.