The New Warrior

Most Americans can not even imagine what every day life is like in a country like Sierra Leone, much less having to live through an epidemic like Ebola where thousands have died and no one is safe.  These people are fighting for their lives.  This is a different kind of front line and the world has a new type of warrior.


We were fighting before Ebola

No doubt Ebola is a frightening and deadly disease.  It has claimed thousands of lives and thousands more will likely succumb before the disease is contained in West Africa.

But people in Sierra Leone were fighting before Ebola.


One Ambulance Project

We take the smallest things for granted.

We just assume there will be someone to call in a medical emergency.  But what if the only people that can help you only have one ambulance?  Or worse, what if that that one ambulance is broken?

Its a matter of life and death.